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Your essay should

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Please respond to the following prompt. While you are
welcome-encouraged, even–to consult the book, this
assignment is to be completed on vour own, without
conferring with classmates. As such, the final product
should exclusivelv represent vour own work. Please submit
your essay tiped, double-spaced, and in MS Word or PDF
by 10.00PM Central Time, todav, Friday. September 16.
through our Canvas course site. Please be advised that all
essays will be run automatically through Turnitin, a
plagiarism detection service.
Throughout his adult life, Stephen Williams tried
desperately to convince his sister Eunice (“the unredeemed
captive” from the title of John Demos’ book) to return from
Canada to live with her family in Massachusetts. She did
not. For this in-class essay, I want you to compose a letter
from Eunice to Stephen explaining the reasons behind her
decision to remain among the Mohawk. Your essay should
demonstrate clear knowledge of the contours of Eunice’s
life – from captivity to old age – while making explicit
reference to her complex family relationships, her time in
Canada, and her religious beliefs, among other things.

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