Law : Criminal Justice

Write formally; do not use first person.

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Submit a concept paper in which student provides an “Introduction to the Problem” for the focus of their capstone project, including a brief discussion of the working theoretical framework and discussion of one or two key pieces of relevant research. An “Introduction to the Problem” is a summary of the topic/issue to be addressed in the research paper. You will also be asked to connect at least one criminological theory to your research topic.
Concept Paper should be around 2 pages. Your work will be ran through a plagiarism checker so please make sure to write in your own words. Do not rely on using quotes; even if you site them correctly. Write formally; do not use first person. Do not include your opinion.
Introduction to the problem: Discuss the general topic you are researching. Then, what research questions do you want to answer or address in your paper? You should have at least one research question you are looking to address.
Theoretical Framework: Based on the criminological theories covered in CRJC 521, which theory or theories relates best to the topic you are researching? Discuss the main points of the theory and how it relates to your topic. Be specific. (Social learning theory)
Relevant Research: Please review one or two of the articles from your reference list. Summarize the findings of the article(s) and discuss how this piece of research relates to the topic you are writing about.

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