Social Sciences : Social Work (MSW)

Why: discuss “why this event is significant” to your overall topic.

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Use these 5 dates to make an 5 page essay about each event in the Indian Health Service. 
Topic: Indian Health Service 
The Five Events: 
1. 2010: Authorize IHS to create a national CHAP 
IHCIA is amended to authorize IHS to create a national CHAP. This excludes Dental Health Aides, unless in a state that authorizes its use.

2.July 26,2014: Recommendations of research aid 
they also suffer from lacking basic amenities, including transportation, proper housing, and communications services. This has led the government commissions and other agencies to deliver recommendations from several time periods of research to aid in their initiatives’ rural social and economic development and implications. They also examine India’s poverty and evaluate the policies and programmer and social welfare programs. This might help in developing the strategies to eradicate poverty to improve their livelihood an analysis according to an article on the 26th 0f July 2014
3. June 1,2016: Letter (DTLL) initiates consultation on a publish policy to expand the CHAP
Dear Tribal Leader Letter (DTLL) initiates consultation on a publish policy to expand the CHAP (Consultation Sessions were held on 9/19, 10/4, and 10/9). Several Tribes and Tribal Organizations expressed concern about provisions in the Federal Register Notice. In response to those concerns, the Indian Health Service (IHS) has made the determination that we will engage in additional Tribal consultation before moving forward.
4. December 8,2018: They trying to make health insurance more assessable 
Poverty and health insurance has been considered to be luxury by the most vulnerable and impoverished people. Following the research done by the national survey office, it stated that only fourteen percent of Indians in rural areas and nineteen in urban areas could access health insurance. Furthermore, the private institution which offers healthcare service cannot be accessed by the highest number of Indians because they are expensive. The government should make it easily accessible insurance to the citizens at all levels despite their social class in order to ensure equal treatment.
5. July 2021: COVID affected healthcare systems 
Later research was conducted on the economic status, which confirmed that according to their data up to July 2021, it was evident that extreme poverty increased across the country because of COVID-19 in cities through lockdown, which restricted any movements. As a result of the impacts of the COVID pandemic, a total of forty-four million citizens became extremely poor in India because of losing their jobs. This has adversely affected the healthcare systems in this country.

Research Paper: Complete the grading criteria objectives in the form of a logically organized research paper that discusses the importance of each date in greater detail. If you choose to write a paper, use a minimum of FIVE REFERENCES as opposed to three. The paper should be 5 pages  in length.-Five refrences in APA format 
a. WHAT: Provide a detailed description of each of the 5 events.
b. WHEN: Chronologically, build a clear connection between each date. Ie: How did one date set the precedent or evolve into the next date? 
c. WHO: Who is being impacted by the event? Who were the winners/losers? Who were the primary stakeholders? 
d. WHY: Discuss “why this event is significant” to your overall topic.
e. HOW: Reflect upon how the event being discussed has impacted the evolution of the chosen welfare program in modern times
Attached file that shows an example of t what the dates should look like

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