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Use two theories to analyze this topic .

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Use two theories to analyze this topic . RESEARCH QUESTION PAPER & VOICETHREAD PRESENTATION
1. Explore the scholarly literature (15 sources – non-news articles) on a specific “communication topic,” an contemporary issue in which you’re interested. (Note that this is not the same task as that of the last paper: it is about a topic, not about a theory. You use the theories to analyze the topic.) Prepare a literature review of work that has recently been conducted concerning this topic. Literature reviews can be organized in a variety of ways: topical, spatial, chronological, comparative, critical, etc.
2. From the heuristic gaps left unexplored in the literature, construct a well-formed research question that reflects an unanswered aspect of one of the gaps and that attempts to add to the general body of knowledge.
3. Research questions arise from gaps in the literature. You, the researcher, then build a theoretical framework that focuses the paper on considering specific aspects of the question to study. To build your framework, choose two ideas relevant to your research question and discuss how each of them serves to refocus the research question and the conclusions that may be drawn from that refocusing.

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