Psychology and Education : Child Development

Textbook: appendix: review: major positive discipline strategies pages 338- 345

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This activity will give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of guidance techniques for preschool children through the creation of a power point presentation that can be used at a family open house forum.
The Assignment
This assignment will give the student the opportunity to apply their knowledge of the major positive discipline strategies to use with children.
This activity includes the following:
    Develop a Power Point presentation for a family open house on the topic of program guidance techniques for preschool age children. The Power Point should include:
Cover page
An agenda or layout of powerpoint
Introduction: A detailed explanation of implementing conflict resolution and problem solving with preschool children (minimum of one slide)
A minimum of five positive guidance strategies that you would implement in the classroom (it needs to be noted that these are classroom strategies)
Three strategies families can implement at home (it needs to be noted that these are at home strategies)
A slide that has a minimum of four references from reputable sources, include name of source and website
After discussing the above criteria: you should have a minimum of 20 instructional slides, not including the cover page, the agenda slide, and the reference slide
Your writing style for the powerpoint should be geared toward diverse families.
Grading Criteria
The assignment is graded on a 100 point scale; it is worth 15% of your overall class grade.
The attached rubric will be used to grade this assignment.
Attached Rubric; Textbook: All previous chapters- be sure to reference back to chapters 4 & 5. Textbook: Appendix: Review: Major Positive Discipline Strategies pages 338- 345

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