Law : Criminal Justice

Supporting points for major points.

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Topic- Overcrowding in Correctional Facilities:
prepare an outline as well as an annotated bibliography of at least three sources that could be used in your final research paper.
The outline should include the following elements:
thesis statement,
annotated bibliography,
major points that support a thesis, and
supporting points for major points.
The references should be related to your topic and at least two of the three references must come from the CSU Online Library. ( I will attach 2 references)
All articles must be peer-reviewed and be published within the past 5 years in a journal.
Please note that you may use more than three references in your paper; however, three are stipulated here to assist you in developing the outline, main points, and supporting points.
The outline and annotated bibliography for this unit must be at least two pages in length, not including the title page or references page, should be in APA format.

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