Retailer’s Final Assessment/Recommendations – due week 10 – 100 points <b

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Retailer’s Final Assessment/Recommendations – due week 10 – 100 points

The last and most important section of the project, after researching, learning about the Company, Brand, Products, Retail positioning and the Global Supply Chain, Sourcing and Logistics strategies that support their competitive place in the market, appeal to their target consumer, create their business success; and the opportunities missed, industry competitive best practices not invested in, not practiced by your Retailer.

Present your independent, well researched analysis of the Company with specific recommendations based on Industry best practices, competitors and current innovations, trends, new opportunities.

Final Retailer Assessment and Recommendation Written Assignment includes key information from each of the assignments; the Retailer Overview, Sourcing Strategy, CSR/Sustainable Practices, Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation and Technology plus key takeaways from the Country Research, the competitive advantage, industry contribution, opportunities and challenges. Include graphics or images to demonstrate your brand, products, country, supply chain to life.

Connect Retailer information researched from independent news, sources and the company. The Final Assessment, Analysis and Recommendations needs to be a critical review, not an unchallenged presentation of the Company, Brand, Marketing Communication.

Be inspired, Explore innovative companies, new technologies, ways of doing business, Create new ideas that meet the current challenge and our new normal! Include Three Recommendations with specific ideas, plans, how you would implement and most important describe the potential impact on the Brand, Products, Retail stores, Consumer, Overall Company success. and Summary with bullet point info only – minimal written content. ts. When reviewing your written assignment content, make sure that your recorded script is updated based on the comments provided on the assignment rubric to ensure accuracy.

Select a minimum of 3 supply chain additions or improvements to existing procedures or practices. As noted above, these recommendations could include improved level of transparency as related to CSR or Sustainable practices, country of origin expansion, additional CSR policies, additional sustainable practices, new forms of logistics, or new types of technology that would further improve or enhance their supply chain and logistics procedures. If one of the recommendations is a CSR Policy or Sustainable Practice, you may use only one of the recommendations provided in CSR/Sustainable Practices assignment and you must expand on this recommendation with more detail – not just restate what was provided in the assignment. The other 2 recommendations must address another supply chain strategy. Important to always include how these recommendations will improve the retailer’s ability to provide the right product, at the right time, and at the right place to meet and exceed their target customer’s expectations.

“Retailer’s Final Assessment/Recommendations” will include an overview of the key strategies the retail currently practices. In addition, recommendations for added or expanded supply chain strategies that could include level of transparency as related to CSR or Sustainable practices, country of origin expansion, expanded CSR policies, expanded sustainable practices, new forms of logistics, or new types of technology that would further improve or enhance their supply chain and logistics procedures.

Include in your Final Assessment/Recommendations how the current Covid Consumer, Fashion, Retail Industry and Supply Chain Disruptions have impacted your retailer and what you believe they should be doing to meet new consumer demands, adapt to changes, shifts in countries, supply chain norms, while they survive, grow, pivot and adapt to our new normal.

The Final section of the project should be a well written, independent summary, review of the research, work you’ve done all quarter. You will be graded on your level of understanding of the Retailer, Industry, the innovations, best practices, changes and challenges facing Brands, Companies in their Global Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution, CSR, initiatives we are making in Sustainability, how we are adapting, creating new products, experiences, operations practices to deliver to our new global fashion consumer.

Add information on Competitors and Industry Best practices to your analysis supported by Independent, News sources, but looking at competitive marketing, websites, information. Reminder, all companies, brands, products are viewed by the Consumers in comparison with their other choices, marketing, information they see everywhere. How does your Brand compete for sales, market share and industry leadership.

COVID, Global Supply Chain 2022: Include current news on how your Brand was impacted, adapted and has invested, changed their Global Supply Chain, Retail, Logistics, Product Design and Company Initiatives?

Be sure to include Title Page, headers, professional format. Works cited in MLA. Also make sure that all direct quotes, images, and statistics are in-text cited. There is not a student example, the assignment has changed from last quarter and I don’t want to create any additional confusion. The is the final section of the Project, a written assignment, in paragraph form. This Project Final Assessment, written assignment is in addition to the Powerpoint Assignment.

Student Samples: Posted are two older examples of the written Final Analysis for format, they do not include the added information about Competitive, current Industry Trends, Innovations, Challenges plus how Covid has impacted Brands, Product, Retail and everything Global Supply chain.


IBIS World

Culturegrams (proquest) – consumer data, interactive mapping

Mergent Intellect



EBSCO and Proquest provide full article access and archives to thousands of Magazines and Newspapers from around the world. Some International News Media Resources to checkout include”

Bloomberg – US Business Magazine

Economist – global business magazine

Time Magazine – International Newspaper

The Guardian – UK Newspaper

Wall Street Journal

New York Times

Fashion, Marketing, Retail Industry Best News Sources are:

Adage and Adweek

Interbrand –

Business of Fashion


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