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Persons of color are not.

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What is  six tenets of CRT by integrating the six social work core values by arguing  for the say gay bill that was passed in Florida.
Framework to engage a population group in a change episode using  4 identified tasks. talk about Vulnerable population, address each question on task 1 , discuss your position and how it influence responses.                   
Themes of Critical Race Theory
1. Racism is deeply and perpetually embedded in societal institutions, making it very difficult to identify.
Despite the banning of visible signs of discrimination, racial privilege continues. CRT seeks to study and
change the relationship between race, racism, and power, questioning the liberal order of things.
2. Racism has become normalized in societal structures and institutions in which whites are privileged and
persons of color are not. Thus, race and racism serve psychological, social, and material interests, and in
order for change to occur it must benefit majority interests as well as those interests of excluded minorities.
3. Race is socially constructed, having no basis in genetics or biology. Yet, categories of difference have
been created by law to normalize race and underscore white privilege.
4. Symbolism and meaning of racial groups have changed over place and time depending on political,
social, and economic needs.
5. The intersectionality of multiple identities is recognized, and to solely recognize gender, race, class,
sexuality, disability, or any other identity without acknowledging the complexity of their overlap leads to
further marginization.
6. The voices of people of color are unique, must be heard, and are often more effective in assessing the
intended and unintended consequences of public policies and programs
Task 1 includes two sets of activities—developing cultural humility and listening to
different perspectives from population members.
Develop Cultural Humility
Most, if not all, episodes of macro-level change will involve populations that differ on
some dimension from the social work change agent. For this reason, we emphasize listening to members of the target population and gathering a wide variety of theoretical
perspectives and empirical evidence in order to develop an effective planned change intervention. But before a social worker engages in these learning activities, she or he must
attend to interpersonal attitudes regarding diversity and difference

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