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1. Answer the following questions based on the entire novel. Make sure to reference the text (you don’t have to cite page numbers) and prove your points by mentioning specific details from the novel. – minimum 15 sentences (total)
The Novel: Crime and Punishment —>
-What motivates Raskolnikov to commit a murder? Is it just his poor living conditions? What conclusions about himself does he come to eventually? Does he repent for his crime at the end? – I already asked you some of these questions, but now I want to hear your answer after you finished reading the novel and see whether you changed your opinion in any way.
-The novel is titled “Crime and Punishment”, however we don’t see much of the formal punishment for the horrible crime that Raskolnikov committed. The entire background, preparation for the crime and the crime itself are completely described in Part 1 and Raskolnikov’s sentence is briefly mentioned in Epilogue. Dostoevsky says very little about the severity of the conditions of Raskolnikov’s detention in Siberian prison. Yet, it is obvious that punishment is the central theme of the novel. What is Raskolnikov’s hardest punishment for his crime? Is this punishment adequate to the crime? Does Dostoevsky in any way justify Raskolnikov’s crime by his circumstances? Does Dostoevsky show any alternative path/s to prove himself, not the one chosen by Raskolnikov? Are there other characters that demonstrate that alternative paths are available? How?
-Compare Raskolnikov to Bazarov and Hermann. Do you see any similarities between any of these characters? – Compare these characters. Do they change throughout the novels and, if so, how?
-At first, when Dostoevsky started writing the novel, he was going to finish it by Raskolnikov killing himself. How, in your opinion, does the current ending change the main idea of the novel? Which ending do you find more satisfactory and why? Is Raskolnikov saved at the end? If so, how, by whom?

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