History : History

• example: nevada constitution (nv const) or u.s.

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Answer the following question(s) in paragraph form. You should include information from your textbook readings, primary source material, or articles in your MODULES section. Make sure you use actual examples from the assigned reading for the week. Be concise and detailed in your answer. A general rule is a one-paragraph minimum per question, though you may write as much as you like. Please respond to your fellow students.
What are the circumstances leading to the American Revolution?
Do not discuss only the facts of the Revolutionary War but the ideology of revolution.
How did the introduction of the public sphere factor into revolutionary ideals? Remember to provide analysis in your response.
Citation Guide for Discussions
• Remember the period is placed after the last parentheses.
• Page numbers and dates in this guide are an example.
Foner textbook: (Foner, 25) or (25)
Lecture Notes: (Rayner, 9/5) or (Lecture, 9/5)
Any direct quote: (Author Name, Page Number)
• Example: (Washington, 25), any primary source from Voice
of Freedom.
o Use quotation marks
Documents: (Name or Author)
• Example: Nevada Constitution (NV Const) or U.S.
Constitution (USC)
Video: (Video, 1) The number is the MODULE)
• Example: Video from MODULE 1
Companion Notes: (Comp Notes)
Image: Chapter where the image is obtained.
• Example: (Image, Ch 3)
Please ask if you are unclear how to cite a source!

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