Social Sciences : Social Work (MSW)

Describe and evaluate your agency’s context.

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Instructions how to write this term paper
Describe and evaluate your agency’s context. Include the following:
Identify your fieldwork agency. Include the name, location, geographic location and community it serves. Identify if it is public or privately funded (i.e. private, for profit, or not-for-profit).
Describe the agency’s history, mission, and/or purpose and services offered.
Identify how the agency fits into the profession of social work. Identify the field of practice.
Identify the social work values reflected by the agency’s mission, and/or practice.
Describe the clients at your agency. Include important demographic data where relevant such as age, gender, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, immigration status, etc. Identify if clients are mandatory, voluntary or both.
Provide an overview of what the clients identify as their own problems, needs, and/or wants. Describe which ones your agency addresses directly and where the clients may be referred for others.
Please grammar is very important

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