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Chapter i of the communist manifesto

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Important please answer those two assignments separately and answer in as the questions is and write in easy English words please. Let me know if u have any questions

Eco 213

Assignment 1
Answer the following question in 3 or more sentences
How is the economy and politics inseparable from one another?

Assignment 2

Karl Marx is one of the most important figures in Political Economy, not only because of his contributions to the field, but also because of the influence of his writings. Dissecting his work will give us a framework for many of the fundamental concepts discussed in political economy. To ease our understanding of Marx’s works, it is always useful to understand the intention behind his works. Why did he write hundreds of pages about the surplus value of labor? Why did he criticize social democrats, anarchists, utopian socialists, and other figures on the left? Why exactly did Marx write about the oppression of the proletariat? These are questions that cannot really be fully answered until we understand who Karl Marx was.
Your next assignment is to watch a play about Karl Marx called Marx in SOHO by Marxist historian, Howard Zinn. I think that the one-man play does a great job illuminating the early life and development of Karl Marx. Though Howard Zinn did take creative liberties in the creation of the play, he stayed quite close to the source material. I want you to take particular notice of how Karl Marx’s life shaped his politics and his work. I also left a link to one of Marx’s most popular writings, The Communist Manifesto as a reference to his later works.
In 200+ words what events and conditions in Karl Marx’s life influenced his political development and the topics of his writing?
Required Readings (Video):
Optional Readings:
Chapter I of the Communist Manifesto

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