Answer the following questions in the prompt below in at least 250 words. Use th

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Answer the following questions in the prompt below in at least 250 words. Use the attached file as a guideline to your response.
Prompt: Should professional athletes in the US be allowed to use PEDs if they want to? Why or why not? (Paragraph 1)
Should former professional athletes be punished if they used PEDs when they were illegal in the sport?
For example, should Lance Armstrong have to return his prize money and trophies to the Tour De France? Should Barry Bonds be allowed into the Baseball Hall of Fame? (Paragraph 2)
Lance Armstrong won the Tour De France a record 7 times in a row after beating cancer.
Barry Bonds has the most home runs in MLB History.
Jon Jones is the youngest champion in UFC history and has the most title fight wins.

All of these individuals regularly come up in the “GOAT” conversations of their respective sports, but they also share something else in common. They have all been caught using performance-enhancing drugs (Commonly known as steroids, PEDs, or doping).
When individuals are caught using PEDs, they are typically suspended, stripped of their title/trophies/medals, or possibly even banned from competing for life. However, in the case Armstrong v. Tygart, Lance Armstrong challenged the ability of United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to be able to ban him from cycling, make him return prize money, or sanction him at all.
Part of argument for Armstrong’s side was that he did win these events whether the record book recognizes it or not, other participants were likely doping as well, and Armstrong boosted Tour De France ratings to an all-time high (Which is why the world of cycling turned a blind eye to his doping at the time). On the opposite side, USADA would say that Armstrong won due his use of PEDs and instead tainted the sport’s reputation forever which was not worth the temporary ratings boost.
This situation is nearly a direct parallel to Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds was already an extremely talented baseball player prior to using PEDs. However, they took his game to the next level and led him to some of the most prolific seasons in MLB history. He broke the record for most home runs in a season and then the most home runs in a career. While this was insanely good for the MLB because they were breaking TV ratings records left and right during the “Steroid Era”, it would eventually compromise the integrity of the game and lead to federal investigations.
You are now in charge of the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The Court of Arbitration for Sport is the international arbitrator for non-court related sports grievances. You will be deciding on whether or not professional athletes who use PEDs in the United States will be allowed to compete without sanctions.

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