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Annotated Bibliography One annotation assignment for this course will expand the

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Annotated Bibliography
One annotation assignment for this course will expand the students’ annotated bibliography.
You will be required to search for original research from a published periodontal and/or dental hygiene journal to answer the following PICO question.
PICO Question: In a patient with periodontitis is scaling and root planing alone as effective as scaling and root planing in conjunction with controlled released antimicrobial agents?
Please make sure that you reference the article appropriately, and that you have checked all spelling and grammar as this is part of your grade. It is expected that the graded annotation assignment (with corrections) from this course will be added to the comprehensive final annotated bibliography due in term 14. (Please follow Hurlbutt Hints on annotations)
What is an annotated bibliography?   
An annotated bibliography is a list of sources (books, journal articles, and websites) in which each citation (following the latest APA style format) is followed by an annotation, which is a brief paragraph that summarizes, describes, and/or critically evaluates the source.  Annotation assignments in this program will be confined to original research.  This assignment is limited to 250 words per annotation.  The annotation MUST include information:
The source must be original research.
A brief description of the purpose of the study
Describe the population of the study, including inclusion and exclusion criteria, control and treatment groups (if applicable), how many subjects completed the study
Describe the intervention (what was being measured) and how it was assessed or measured in the study
Describe the results using statistics such as mean, median, mode and p-values to demonstrate significance or lack of significance (statistical/clinical)
Describe the strengths and weaknesses (limitations)of the research
Indicate relevance of study to dental hygiene practice

Why should you write an annotated bibliography?
When you write an annotated bibliography for each source it allows for more thoughtful and detailed critical reading instead of just collecting information.  A very important part of the research is developing a thesis that is debatable, interesting, current, and uses succinct analysis.  The annotated bibliography allows you to discover a thorough perspective of what is being said about your topic, discover the issues, and enable you to begin to develop your own point of view. 
How do you write an annotated bibliography?
West Coast University has adopted the guidelines detailed in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 7th edition for all written assignments.  These guidelines are often referred to as APA formatting.
Use 1-inch margins and double space the entire bibliography, including within the citation and summaries.
Use Times New Roman in font size 12.
Include a title page with running head and page headers.
Use hanging indents (change paragraph settings to allow for hanging indents) with each citation formatted in standard APA style (with the second and any subsequent lines of the citation indented .5” or approximately 12 spaces to the right).
Then each annotation begins on the next line of text and should be indented as a block. Each line of the annotation is indented 2 spaces to the right of the hanging indent.  All lines are double spaced, and no lines are added between the end of annotation and the next citation in the list.
List your citations and annotation in alphabetical order by first author’s last name and separated into topic areas as shown in the sample provided.

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